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Presenting Our Eleven Delicious Sorbets


Washington State Raspberries and a fine kosher wine are intertwined in this dance of sophisticated delicacy that is sorbet. The tart tang of the raspberries is complimented with the smooth mention of fine wine.


Made from freshly squeezed California Oranges not concentrate! We believe that there is a noticeable difference between concentrate and freshly squeezed oranges and we refuse to sacrifice taste to save a few dollars. The fresh juice is then blended with a distinct sparkling wine and a bit of orange peel for that extra citrus flavor.


Freshly squeezed lime is used for this delightfully refreshing Sorbet. A little lime zest and imported tequila provide a memorable concoction for the lovers of this savory delight.


Oregon’s Willamette Valley Strawberries transfused with a fine fruity white wine. This is a light and refreshing sorbet that is particularly enjoyable when scooped into a glass of champagne, perfect for memorable gatherings.


Our chocolate syrup is prepared fresh from the best cocoa powder, it is then blended with bittersweet chocolate and coconut milk for a creamy chocolate taste that melts in your mouth with the faintest hint of orange.


The tropical flavor of ripe mangos with the compliment of tart raspberries. This sorbet has a beautiful yellowish-red coloring that inspires memories of an evening with this light tasty dessert and the romantic sunset over and over.


Caribbean Coconut blended with shredded macaroon coconut imparts a nice texture to this rich tasting sorbet. Truly for the coconut lover that is looking for something high in flavor but low in fat and cholesterol and completely dairy free.


There is almost a half-pound of fruit puree in every pint. Oregon Blackberries with a hint of cabernet to fuel the flavor. We strive for a smooth texture that only high quality ingredients can provide without the fat, cholesterol or dairy products of other desserts.


Washington State Raspberries are fused with California Nectarines to form one of our most intricate and refined flavors. Nectarines are a cross between the plum and the peach which gives this sorbet a mouthful of marvelous flavor.


A large sampling of Yakima Bing Cherries from Washington State are blended with a small amount of Red Sour Cherry, which gives this sorbet a complicated yet memorable taste of the summers best cherries year after year. Very smooth and creamy with a perfect sorbet texture.


Washington State Blueberries blended with a taste of zinfandel is the essence of one of the richest and most elegant sorbets that we produce. Zinfandel is a spicy, peppery wine, with a hint of fruity flavor. We have discovered that even non-blueberry lovers enjoy this treat.

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Special Order Items:  Dark Sweet Cherry, Strawberry Chardonnay, Blackberry Cabernet, Blueberry Zinfandel, & Raspberry Nectarine  


All of Seattle Sorbets eleven flavors are certified Parve/Kosher by the Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle, we hold a Kashrut Certificate. Parve (also spelled as “Pareve” or “Parevine”) is a guarantee that a food product does not contain any meat or dairy products, and that it has not come in contact with either. This is a very useful symbol for vegetarians and vegans.


The word ‘Kosher’ is meant for observant Jews and actually means ‘fit’ or ‘spiritually fit’, as described in the books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus. As a result of kosher supervision, kosher products are scrupulously clean, and the word Kosher has become synonymous with premium quality. 


Kosher requirements are far more stringent than U.S. Department of Agriculture requirements.  There are three supervised segments to the kosher inspection: (1) ingredients, (2) processing, and (3) equipment.  These three inspection segments insure you are getting the absolute highest quality products for your family.

Some sorbet flavors may contain sulfites.

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